Oeyes Collapsible Pet Sunglasses

Model: Size F

About Oeyes Collapsible Pet Sunglasses:
Collapsible Pet Sunglasses
Material: Plastic.
Color: Red/Blue/Yellow/Black/White/Pink.
Size: 6.6*1.95in.
Fitting Type: Pet Accessories.


Really cute on my shih tzu girl. Took a few minutes to figure out how to put them on. They are exactly as described. Perfect for the beach or a ride in the car.
I put these on my pup when we went on a boat ride. She didnt like them much but since i was holding her, I made her keep them on. After a while she kept them on ok. She had lots of fans at the boat dock with her pretty sunglasses!

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china Oeyes Collapsible Pet Sunglasses Size F

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