Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6303 Copper Coating With Screw

Model: 6303-ZZ-S

About Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6303 Copper Coating With Screw:
Ningbo Hongtai Bearing Co., Ltd was established in 1990.We develop, manufacture, and export bearing pulley and bearing accessories.

The product category:
-Stamping Bearing
-Ball Bearing
-Liner bearing

We provide customized services and serve in OEM for all types of bearings. All of our bearings have passed stringent QC inspection before packaging and shipping procedure. We've supply a great range of high quality bearings backed by trustworthy service to fulfill various requirements from customers all over the world for many years.

Customized bearings: We can R & D according to the needs of customers, to customer demand-oriented, to create a win-win supply chain system, to meet the different needs of both sides.

High quality products applicable in various industries including:
medical equipment, office equipment, sports equipment, keyboard drawer, sliding doors, windows, conveyors, metal parts, machine pulley, bicycles, building materials, hardware, machinery, transport, packaging, furniture pulley, drawer pulleys, pulley windows and doors, scooters.

We offer our numerous customers at home and abroad tailor-made solutions and top quality products.

Our own toolmaking department puts us in a position to produce tools according to your samples or drawings and to manufacture products for you.

We can react flexibly to changes or special requirements. We use milling, turning and grinding machines to process high-precision detail parts for tools designed, assembled, tested and released for production, all here on site.

We use modern CAD design to test the various possibilities for production and variants in terms of tool structure.

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vendor: Ningbo Hongtai Bearing Co.,Ltd