Table Vibration And Mould Vibration

Model: table vibration and mould vibr

About Table Vibration And Mould Vibration:


The core material, like mould shoes and insert, we use the special alloy steel customized from the world top 500 steel company, this high quality material ensures the mould stability and durability.


Precision depends on the process, in addition to the ordinary CNC manufacturers generally used Broater taking grinding machine to grind mould insert and shoes smooth to as a second correction processing after heart treatment, it`s a hard way but the benefits of high precision.


The use of the advanced multi-functional heat treatment from Austria. All processes, are controlled by the PLC, without any manual intervention, and the result of heat treatment is ensured from multiple angles.


Thanks to many years experienced professional engineers of Broater-benda, their continuous study are the greatest guarantee mould the reliability and durability. For example, one customer in China, which owned 2 big block making plant (1400x1150, output of 2 million 200k square meters), used 3 company`s mould, after testing 20 hours by 30 days, in the most stringent production conditions, Broater-benda wined first.

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