SS400 Steel Plate Export Supply

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About SS400 Steel Plate Export Supply:
I. introduction of SS400 steel plate
SS400 is the name of the steel plate, S stands for structural steel plate, 400 stands for the level of steel plate, corresponding to the domestic Q235B steel plate, our company orders wuyang steel SS400 thick steel plate futures all year round, exported to South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries, received user praise
Brand SS400
Standard JIS G 3101-2010 rolled steel for general construction
Material category carbon structural steels
Product hot - rolled material
General purpose, structural steel
Ii. Chemical composition of SS400 steel plate
Chemical composition (wt%)

Acuities were 0.05, 0.05 or less
Ingredient note: other alloying elements can be added as required.
Mechanical properties of steel plate
4. Sample stretching of steel plate
SS400 specimen tensile: during the tensile process, the material enters the strengthening stage after the yield stage, and the cross section size significantly decreases. The maximum force of destruction (Fb) divided by the original cross section of the specimen. The stress () derived from area (So) is called tensile strength or strength limit (b), in N/mm 2 (MPa). It represents the maximum resistance of a metal material to damage under tensile force. When yield reaches a certain level, resistance to deformation increases again due to rearrangement of internal particles. At this point, although the deformation develops rapidly, it can only increase with the increase of stress until the stress reaches the maximum. Since then, the resistance of the steel to deformation has decreased significantly, and the larger part of the specimen at the weakest point decreases rapidly, and the necking occurs until the fracture is destroyed. The maximum stress at which a steel is subjected to tensile fracture is called the strength limit or tensile strength.

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