High Purity Polydimethylsiloxane Pure Silicone Oil

Model: CAS 63148-62-9

About High Purity Polydimethylsiloxane Pure Silicone Oil:
1. Application in the electromechanical industry
Dimethyl silicon oil is widely used in motors, electrical appliances, electronic instruments as temperature resistance, arc resistance corona, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, dustproof insulation medium, is also used as transformer, capacitor, TV scanning transformer impregnated agent. In a variety of precision machinery, instruments and instruments, used as liquid shock-proof, damping materials. The shock absorption performance of dimethyl silicon oil is less affected by the temperature, and it is mostly used for the occasions with strong mechanical vibration and large ambient temperature changes, such as the instruments used in aircraft and automobiles. For shock shock, damping, stable instrument reading, but also as a liquid spring, and in the aircraft landing device.
2. Make a defoaming agent
Decoaming agent because of dimethyl silicone oil surface tension is small, and insoluble in water, animal and plant oil and high boiling point mineral oil, good chemical stability, and non-toxic, used as a defoaming agent has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries, as long as add 10-100PPM silicone oil has a good defoaming agent.
3. Make a mold release agent
As a mold release agent due to the dimethyl silicone oil and rubber, plastic, metal and other non-viscosity, and used as a variety of rubber, plastic products molding processing mold release agent, and used in precision casting. Use it to do release agent not only convenient to release, and make the product surface clean, smooth, clear texture.
4. Make insulation, dust-proof and mildew-proof coating
For insulation, dust proof, mildew proof coating on the glass, ceramic surface coated with a layer of dimethyl silicon oil, and heat treatment at 250-300℃, can form a semi-permanent waterproof, ...

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china High Purity Polydimethylsiloxane Pure Silicone Oil CAS 63148-62-9 china High Purity Polydimethylsiloxane Pure Silicone Oil CAS 63148-62-9

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