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1227 家 eurotier_de2020 海外展展商资料
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2g Energy Ag
2g Energy Ag
2-g.de benzstr. 3,48619,heek,de,germany i***o@2-g.de animal farming
the 2g energy ag group is an internationally leading manufacturer of decentralized energy supply systems. with the development, production and technical installation, as well as digital grid integration, of combined heat and power systems, the company offers comprehensive solutions in the growing market for highly efficient combined heat and power (chp) systems. aftersales and maintenance services comprise an important additional performance criterion. the product range especially includes chp modules in the 20 kw and 4,500 kw range for operation utilizing natural gas, biogas, as well as other lean gases and hydrogen. worldwide, more than 6,500 installed 2g systems in various applications supply electrical and thermal energy to a broad spectrum of customers including companies in the housing industry, agriculture, commercial and industrial companies, public energy utilities, and municipal and local government authorities.
2gamma S.r.l. sealplus.com corso inghilterra, 15,12084,mondovi (cn),it,italy d***a@sealplus.com animal farming
oxygen barrier plastic silage filmcovering silage systems
365farmnet Gmbh 365farmnet.com hausvogteiplatz 10,10117,berlin,de,germany m***g@365farmnet.com animal farming
the agriculture of tomorrow. today. entrepreneurial platform provider 365farmnet has developed a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent farm management software solution. we are supported by over 50 international partners with specialized applications. the 365farmnet platform offers applications for dairy farming, crop cultivation, farm management. from february 9th to 12th we will be presenting our new manufacturer-independent herd management for cattle farms in our show room. we are looking forward to your visit!
3n Kompetenzzentrum Niedersachsen Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe Und Biookonomie E.v.
3n Kompetenzzentrum Niedersachsen Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe Und Biookonomie E.v.
3-n.info kompaniestr. 1,49757,werlte,de,germany 请先找合适的人
animal farming
A. Conrads Ing.-buro & Holzbaubetrieb E.k. holzbau-conrads.de industriestr. 14-38,52224,stolberg,de,germany i***o@aconrads.de animal farming
A.a.g. Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/s
A.a.g. Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/s
aag.world sundsholmen 3,9400,norresundby,dk,denmark i***o@aag.world animal farming
energy savings and higher comfort with stable mats, mattresses & rolls from aag. at aag, you will find a wide selection of stable mats, mattresses and stable rolls for pigs and cattle. our solutions have been tested and approved by the farmers and dlg. our products offer relieving, anti-slip, insulating and protective comfort. better welfare in stables is often related to higher productivity, and therefore aag solutions are cost-effective and energy saving while animal welfare is kept in focus. - prevents and protects against shoulder wounds - ensures better wellbeing - increases blood circulation for sows - extension of rest time of cattle - increased milking performance - energy saving - cost reduction in our large selection, you will find solutions for farrowing crates, recovering areas, gestation units, scraping floors, animal transport, cubicles, collection and milking areas and much more.
A.b.s. Silo- Und Forderanlagen Gmbh
A.b.s. Silo- Und Forderanlagen Gmbh
abs-silos.de industriepark 100,74706,osterburken,de,germany c***t@abs-silos.de animal farming
a.b.s. silos are the guarantee for best possible feed quality and healthy livestock. place your trust in us! with over 80 standard sizes, a.b.s. is one of the front runners among the most innovative companies. we are convinced that we can help you to find the right storage silo for your application. our flexible and high-strength fabric silos guarantee best possible storage conditions and a healthy livestock. natural products such as grain and animal feed have very special requirements which are fulfilled by our breathable yet dust-proof silos with a particularly high level of reliability. no condensate occurs even on the tried and tested outdoor silos, effectively preventing the formation of mould. at a.b.s. all silos come with an integrated cover extension each a.b.s. silo with lid is automatically supplied with a free lid extension which allows the space in the upper support frame to be used. and because our flexible silos are made of extremely strong and durable durafiber thread, there are already a.b.s. silos on the market with a service life of several decades - so you can plan for the future.
Ab Energy Deutschland Gmbh gruppoab.com siemensstr. 1,48480,spelle,de,germany a***d@gruppoab.com animal farming
ab: the experienced, leading manufacturer of modular, on-site power and cogeneration plants, committed to the ongoing development of sustainable biofuel and emission control technologies. since 1981, ab has been at the side of companies seeking to improve their own competitiveness, saving energy and limiting environmental emissions. we build relationships with its customers and partners based on openness and mutual trust: we manufacture, install and manage systems as if they were our own.over 40 years of work, we have developed a know-how and a production capacity without equal on a world-wide level, which ensure the excellence of the plants, the maximum quality of both the installation and after-sales service.ab is the only manufacturer, with an industrial process able to internally manage the entire production cycle of the cogeneration plant.ab pursues the highest degree of innovation with determination, gathering knowledge, experience and technologies, in order to respond with advanced solutions to a primary need of mankind: energy. contributing to the creation of a better future in the direction of an eco-sustainable system.the principal production and engineering research activities are concentrated in a modern industrial facility with its head offices in orzinuovi (bs) italy, spread over about 34,000 sqm of connected buildings, where the production facility, engineering offices, service centre and management are located.
Ab Tomas Kjellman kjellman.fi t***s@kjellman.fi animal farming
Abbi-aerotech B.v.
Abbi-aerotech B.v.
abbi-aerotech.com smederij 23,3371 mc,hardinxveld-giessendam,nl,netherlands s***s@abbi-aerotech.com animal farming
abbi-aerotech manufactures and offers efficient ventilation- and climate solutions for dairy and poultryfarms: - energy efficient dairy fans - temperature and humidity controls - effective tube ventilation without causing draughts - energy efficient ceiling fans - cooling systems: fogging, soaking and pad cooling more than 30 years solutions for total climate systems in livestock houses. the climate in the barn is the key! the choice for the right ventilation solution depends on your specific situation. the type of barn, its location, dimensions, specific climate conditions , lay-out inside, systems in use etc., all influence the right choice to maximize the best result for your livestock. abbi aerotech helps you to design the right solution that saves you money and guarantees the best conditions in your dairy or poultry barn for animal comfort and for your profit. cooling solutions to beat the heat!
Abfulltechnik Zootechnika Maschinenbau Gmbh zootechnika.com i***o@zootechnika.hu animal farming
Abx Energy Services Gmbh
Abx Energy Services Gmbh
abx-gmbh.de im herrmannshof 24,91595,burgoberbach,de,germany m***n@abx-gmbh.de animal farming
Aco Funki A/s acofunki.com kirkevaenget 5, gjellerup,7400,herning,dk,denmark a***i@acofunki.dk animal farming
aco funki a/s is one of the leading european suppliers of livestock equipment for pig housing. with over 85 years of experience, we have a solid background and deep knowledge within pig industry. we create the most effective solutions for pig stalls. we focus on animals welfare which results in high production output. we deliver full-line solutions - worldwide. aco funki today is a stable company with representatives in several countries such as denmark, germany, france, spain, poland, russia, ukraine and china. since 2004, aco funki is a part of aco group - a leading drain system manufacturer with about 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries. in november 2014, aco funki has acquired all the assets of the previous competitor egebjerg international a/s. aco funki is under constant ongoing development. we aim to be the best on the market in terms of both price and quality. we permanently innovate for improvement in order to offer our customers the most modern and efficient equipment.
A-consult Gmbh
A-consult Gmbh
aconsult.de werner-von-siemens-str. 8,24837,schleswig,de,germany i***o@aconsult.de animal farming
Addeasy Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Addeasy Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
addeasycn.com advanced manufacturing industrial park,261 000,binhai development zone, weifang, shandong prov.,cn,china s***2@addeasycn.com animal farming
addeasy bio-tech(group), founded in 2010, specializes in the production of organic acids in animal nutrition and belongs to the national high-tech enterprise. the products with international competitiveness and numerous technical patents, mainly include the european recipe acidifier series, chemical synthesis series, water retentive preservative series. annual output is 100,000 tons. addeasy has passed fami-qs, fda, iso9001, selling products to asian, european, american, african markets and makes long-term strategy cooperation with chinese top-100 husbandry enterprise relying on premium products and suing effect. [logo automatched]
Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. addfield.com unit 9 zone 4,ws7 3xd,burntwood, staffordshire,gb,united kingdom i***g@addfield.com animal farming
an incinerator is an essential piece of farm machinery. the agricultural range of animal waste incinerators from addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all types of solid farm waste. addfield environmental systems ltd are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of agricultural incinerators. we are established and widely recommended across the industry, from working closely with pig, poultry and cattle farmers worldwide for close to 40 years. our incinerators have been specifically designed to help you to reduce your costs while also maintaining your biosecurity through handling your animal waste disposal efficiently on site. bringing over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines to securely incinerate your fallen stock, making us the experts in the industry. we have a wide range of advanced machines available for all scales of farming operation which ensures that we will have the perfect machine for you. addfield agricultural incinerators are unique in their design and construction. as global innovators, we can provide you with the most reliable and efficient solutions. our range includes solutions for all sizes of requirements from 50kg to more than 2000kg. we have developed the most fuel-efficient approach to incineration by combining superior build quality; incorporating a thick steel outer body, alongside a multi layered firebrick lined refractory. this means our machines heat up quicker, maintain temperature longer, keep the heat inside where it is needed and require up to 40% less fuel to complete a thorough cremation compared to most other machines on the market. this approach saves you time and more importantly it saves you money. to ensure that you have the right machine we will work closely with you to match the right solution for your business requirements. managing your own livestock incineration brings many financial, environmental and biosecurity benefits. incineration is one of the only methods that
Addinol Lube Oil Gmbh
Addinol Lube Oil Gmbh
addinol.de geb. 4609, am haupttor,06237,leuna,de,germany i***o@addinol.de animal farming
addinol offers the right product for every application and all operating conditions. whether for operation with natural or special gases - the advantages of addinol gas engine oils speak for themselves: - stable operation and long engine life - highest engine cleanliness - uniquely long service life up to 50 % longer than conventional gas engine oils - reliable protection against wear, deposits and corrosion - maximum oil service life exactly as required - comprehensive analysis service - highest operational safety - the right product for all gas types and conditions - approved by leading international engine manufacturers for 85 years addinol lube oil gmbh has specialised in the development and production of high-performance lubricants. the lubrication of stationary gas engines for operation with natural and special gases is one of our core competences. operating a chp can be a lucrative business. but for the calculation to really work out, all aspects must be taken into account. the composition of the gas is very individual for each plant and is subject to fluctuations. this has a direct impact on the gas engine. how it copes with this in the long term depends crucially on the gas engine oil used. only those who exclusively use an oil of highest quality especially developed for these engines can profit from the advantages of a chp in the long run. the application of the gas engine oils is accompanied by the addinol analysis service. based on regular monitoring of the characteristic values, conclusions can be drawn about the condition of oil and system. the optimum change intervals are determined with maximum safety for the operation. engines and transmissions of agricultural machinery and tractors, hydraulic units, bearings and compressors are also reliably supplied with the high-performance lubricants made in leuna. the vehicles and machines in agriculture and forestry have to perform at full capacity at all times under the most extreme conditions. reliable and s
Adepta adepta.com 41, rue de bourgogne,75007,paris,fr,france s***i@adepta.com animal farming
with the support of french ministry of agriculture adepta work for more than 40 years to promote french know-how in the world. adepta is a professional network of french agribusiness companies, french manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technologies and inputs for agriculture, livestock and agrifood production. through its members, adepta is a unique showcase of french technology and know-how in these sectors, creating a link between the expertise of its members and project holders needs. today, we gather more than 200 companies organized in 8 sectors. our professional food business operators are available to consult on any kind of project, ranging from equipment acquisition, building, or refurbishment to the upscaling of farming or agri-food production units. we design exhaustive and tailor-made solutions, from upstream to downstream. adeptas members are used to work together at the international level, they can design exhaustive and tailor-made solutions and provide comprehensive responses to tenders such as : ? improving quality thanks to seeds and inputs ? ensuring food safety, developing mechanization and product diversification. ? construction or renovation of a dairy plant ? grain, fruit and vegetable production and storage ? modernization of industrial plants ? development of a cattle, swine, goat, etc. farm
Adf Milking Ltd. adfmilking.com 1 camelia court, shellbridge rd.,bn18 0lt,slindon, west sussex,gb,united kingdom i***o@adfmilking.com animal farming
the automatic dipping & flushing system automates a crucial part of the milking routine - removing human error, protecting the cow from disease and saving time. teats are dipped and liners are flushed at the right time, every time. the benefits of the adf milking system start immediately post milking, reducing workload and reducing mastitis cases. save time and money and increase the efficiency of your milking parlour. 5 easy steps 1. sanitised liners presented in correct orientation, ready for milking. 2. as the vacuum is shut off, teat dip is injected into a manifold on the claw piece. 3. dip is applied to the teat at the optimum angle using dual injection technology. 4. teat is dipped and protected within seconds of milking being completed before exposure to harmful contagions in the environment. 5. after removal every liner is sanitised and thoroughly rinsed six times ready for the next cow. target mastitis & lower somatic cell count the adf milking system protects the teat against bacteria immediately after milking. every teat is dipped at the right time, every time. each liner is then thoroughly flushed six times leaving a clean liner ready for the next cow to prevent cross contamination. save time & eliminate the risk of human error traditional post-milking routines are time consuming and can be prone to human error. the adf system automates the post milking process so that you can make substantial time savings and increase parlour efficiency, whilst removing the prospect of human error. save money on labour costs & vet bills the adf automatic dipping & flushing system reduces the need for extra labour in the milking parlour, enabling your farm to be more cost-effective. as cow health improves vet bills and the cost of antibiotics will reduce, meaning that you will start seeing the benefits of adf where it matters - in your pocket. improve cow throughput & become more efficient by removing the need to manually dip teats and flush liner
Adfis Products Gmbh adfis.de am kellerholz 14,17166,teterow,de,germany r***h@adfis.de animal farming
the adfis is a german producer of, so called, doped activated carbon with its own facility in northern germany. our activated carbon products are used for desulfurisation & purification of biogases, exhausted air and odors. doped activated carbon: developed and produced made-in-germany

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