Afc Industries, Inc.

Afc Industries, Inc.

Industry: medical device and equipment

About Afc Industries, Inc.:
since 1994, afc industries, inc. has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture and computer workstations. our mission is to improve work life quality by designing and manufacturing innovative ergonomic products that integrate seamlessly with new technologies for medical and commercial related workplaces in the global community.afc industries, inc. offers a wide variety of height adjustable / sit-stand workstations; space-saving desks; mobile carts; wall mounts; computer furniture; racking systems; security desks and stations; cardiology reading room desks and stations; radiology reading room desks and stations; and sound proof partitions. we also provide support systems for 2-tier desks, lab carts, telescopic carts, anti-microbial wall units and carts, control consoles, security desks, it workstations, pacs systems, and ergonomic furniture. we also offer a wide variety of high quality accessories. our products help you create a workstation that actively enhances your health, comfort, productivity, and performance at work.afc industries inc. operates in several major market segments including radiology, cardiology / cardiovascular, it/is, bio-med, diagnostic x-ray, medical x-ray, ct, mri, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy; just to name a few.

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