Adaro Tecnologia S.a.

Adaro Tecnologia S.a.

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Adaro Tecnologia S.a.:
adaro tecnologia is a family company founded in 1901 which manufactures the safety rechargeable toches adalit, the mining cap lamps alfa, and other protable lighting equipment.we also develop the distribution of other products for the emergency and health services, and industrial safety at work, representing top brands in these sectors. our challenge is the designin,manufacturing of vanguard products which supply with specific solutions to high specialized and demanding clients, incorporating the ultimate technology. the constant search of the maximum quality, the innovation and the excellence in service are the main principles in which remain all the activity of adaro tecnologia, with the final goal of the maximum satisfaction of the clietns.

Products: new adalit l3000 power;new adalit l1;adalit l3000;adalit l10;adalit l5plus

Phone: +34 985 347806

Fax: +34 985 358378

Address: parque cientifico tecnologicoedificio adaroc/jimena fernandez de la vega 83,33203 gijon,spain



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