Aab International

Aab International

Industry: Fresh fruit/vegetable, Dried fruits/nuts

About Aab International:
mission:to help top entrepreneurs, who know where they want to get to and why, to achieve their ambitionscore values:professional: knowledge, skills and conduct that are appropriate for the professionsolution-focused: finding a solution by acting inventively and with awarenessresponsible: accountable for the task and the processhonest: principled, reliable, trustworthy, independentwe have been rising to the challenges set by our customers who want to achieve top results with our services ever since 1985. in doing so, our hands-on consultants, engineers and brokers look beyond solutions that have worked in the past. working with innovative, forward-looking companies and projects has put us at the forefront in our specialist fields: technology, energy, brokerage, business administration, licencing and (geothermal) heat.we have a broad national and international customer base. although our roots lie in the greenhouse horticulture sector, we also have many clients outside this industry as our knowledge and no-nonsense approach can be applied to a wide range of sectors.

Products: technical systems;greenhouses, greenhouse technology;agent

Phone: 31 174 637637

Address: jupiter 420,2675 lx,honselersdijk,netherlands

Website: www.aabint.com


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