Adf Milking Ltd.

Industry: animal farming

About Adf Milking Ltd.:
the automatic dipping & flushing system automates a crucial part of the milking routine - removing human error, protecting the cow from disease and saving time. teats are dipped and liners are flushed at the right time, every time. the benefits of the adf milking system start immediately post milking, reducing workload and reducing mastitis cases. save time and money and increase the efficiency of your milking parlour. 5 easy steps 1. sanitised liners presented in correct orientation, ready for milking. 2. as the vacuum is shut off, teat dip is injected into a manifold on the claw piece. 3. dip is applied to the teat at the optimum angle using dual injection technology. 4. teat is dipped and protected within seconds of milking being completed before exposure to harmful contagions in the environment. 5. after removal every liner is sanitised and thoroughly rinsed six times ready for the next cow. target mastitis & lower somatic cell count the adf milking system protects the teat against bacteria immediately after milking. every teat is dipped at the right time, every time. each liner is then thoroughly flushed six times leaving a clean liner ready for the next cow to prevent cross contamination. save time & eliminate the risk of human error traditional post-milking routines are time consuming and can be prone to human error. the adf system automates the post milking process so that you can make substantial time savings and increase parlour efficiency, whilst removing the prospect of human error. save money on labour costs & vet bills the adf automatic dipping & flushing system reduces the need for extra labour in the milking parlour, enabling your farm to be more cost-effective. as cow health improves vet bills and the cost of antibiotics will reduce, meaning that you will start seeing the benefits of adf where it matters - in your pocket. improve cow throughput & become more efficient by removing the need to manually dip teats and flush liner

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