Mediterranean Food S.r.l.

Mediterranean Food S.r.l.

Industry: food

About Mediterranean Food S.r.l.:
productions and exports of:italian tomato products: peeled, diced, chopped, crushed, concentrated tomato paste, pizza sauce, passata, ready sauces for pasta, etc. in tins, either retail and catering packings, in bottles and in glass jars.legumes: all available and possible legumes and pulses, including soups and salads with mixed kinds of beans and peas, in tins, either retail and catering packings, also in glass jarsdurum wheat pasta: all common shpaes of dry pasta products made of 100% durum wheat only.

Products: yes,world food,halal products,canned food,private label,dry goods,cereals, grains, pasta, pulses, rice

Address: piazza zanardelli, 13,nocera inferiore,84014,italy



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