Abco - Agri Business Company

Industry: food

About Abco - Agri Business Company:
the factory of sidi daoud established since 1824,is one of tunisias canneries in mediterranean sea, specialized in the production of processed tuna, sardines, mackerel and anchovies.since 1998, the company is named abco agri business company ΓΏ sidi daoud is a family company headed by ceo mr ezzeddine bellagha the father, and his son mr samy bellagha deputy director general manager , who choose the quality and freshness through combining the knowledge using the steam cooking technology and modern equipment.production: the use of modern machines is the strict adherence to approved specifications and observed during the production process.quality of production: to ensure for customers the best and good quality, abco takes great care to guarantee that products for local and export market reply customer requirements.

Address: ezzahra,tunisia



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