Airsense Analytics Gmbh

Airsense Analytics Gmbh

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Airsense Analytics Gmbh:
airsense analytics has committed itself to making the world a safer place as one of the leading manufacturers of reliable instruments for the detection of hazardous compounds in public security, catastrophe management and defense. the instruments which are produced in germany are in use in many different areas to fight cbrne threats. the products guaranteed the safety of visitors and participants of the world cup 2014 in brazil. our high end detection devices provide quick identification and analysis of toxic industrial chemical gases, chemical warfare agents and explosives. with its unique combination of different detectors it is possible to set up complete cbrne - safety concepts around major events like the olympic games, public places and critical infrastructure like airports and government buildings, vips and vehicles.

Products: gda - personal;gda - explosives;ls-id;gda - first response;gda - stationary;sampling kit

Phone: +49 385 3993 280

Fax: +49 385 3993 281

Address: hagenower str. 73,19061 schwerin,germany



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