Accucoat, Inc.

Accucoat, Inc.

Industry: optics and photonics

About Accucoat, Inc.:
since 1999, accucoat inc. is a world-class optical coating facility for the thin-film coatings on plastic, metal, glass, and complex-shaped components. we produce a wide variety of standard beamsplitters, hot and cold mirrors, ito, filters, and metallic coatings, as well as, precision custom coatings ranging from the uv to the nir for ar. our engineers create coatings for high-tech applications such as: ar/vr/mr, lidar and spdt optics, micro-optics, molded and precision polygons and spinners. experienced in handling prototype through oem volumes for global customers. contact: alan parsons;spie photonics west 2021;spie optifab 2021;

Address: accucoat inc,rochester,ny,united states,14609



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