Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Model: NY-X8

About Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine:
NY-X8 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

(Applied in nylon-PVC, nylon-PU, rubber and other waterproof fabrics of high-grade Raincoat, Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)Suits, Protective clothing, Ski clothing, Tent, Military waterproof cover, Waterproof bag, Light car cover, Motorcycle raincoat, Boat cover and other products manufacturing.)

Details of NY-X8:

1.PLC is easy to read.High-definition NY-by 8 full touch screen,to make a clear display speed,temperature,programming operation.

2.Auotomatic temperature control,high stability,temperature or minus 2 DHS C temperature limit alarm of heat wire.

3.Synchronous transmission of upper and lower pressing wheels and chains, automatic compensation of virtual position, automatic slight retraction function, reducing the blank of the pressing belt.

4.According to the human body mechanics design.comfortable operation.not easy fatigue .suitable for long time operation.

5.Can work 24 hours continuously.high efficiency production.

6.Unique hair heat pipe body, into the wind by moisture and oil content.

7.Automatic micro retreat function.improve the quality of products.

8.Automatic shear belt .belt.with tail.reduce material consumption.

9.Enhanced square.large operation space.

10.The unique ultra-thin design of the lower column is suitable for sealing pressure belts of various large, medium and small products.

Keyword: Seam.Seal.Pressure glue.Rainwear.Raincoat.Medical protective clothing.Ski wear

china Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine NY-X8 china Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine NY-X8

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