Model: MIC10

About Microphone:
This product is specially designed for professional occasions such as photography and interviews. It can be adapted to common mid-to-high-end cameras and SLR cameras, and can be easily and quickly installed on the camera. Adopt professional-grade anti-noise microphone head, high-definition sound quality, all-metal CNC manufacturing, good shielding performance, free from surrounding signal interference, the product is small and convenient, and easy to carry.
1: All metal CNC manufacturing, good shielding performance, free from surrounding interference.
2: Using professional-grade anti-noise microphone head, powerful noise reduction, clearer sound quality.
3: Cardioid direction, with strong directivity, the pickup area is concentrated in front of the microphone.
4: High-sensitivity pickup microphone, the pickup volume is louder, and the pickup distance is longer.
5: No need to charge, plug and play, simple operation.
6: The product is small and convenient, easy to carry when going out.
7: Supporting protective wool cover can effectively reduce wind noise and outdoor noise.
8: Mini fixed shock-absorbing clip, which can be quickly installed on the camera for use.
9: The cold shoe seat is quickly installed and has a 1/4 thread at the bottom.

Size: Diameter 22*Length 78mm
Sensitivity: -29±2dB RL=0.68KΩ Vs=1.5V( 1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)
Impedance: Max. 0.68KΩ1KHz (RL=0.68KΩ)
Frequency: 20-16000 Hz
Current consumption: Max.0.5mA
Microphone working voltage range: 1-10V
Maximum sound pressure level: 115dB S.P.L
Signal ratio: greater than 75dB
Sensitivity reduction: 1.5V-1.0V sensitivity change is less than 3dB

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vendor: Ningbo Aoze Technology Co., Ltd.