Niutang TGIC-S

Model: TGIC-S

About Niutang TGIC-S:
TGIC-S features lower ECH and Allergic and is widely used in Indoor and outdoor polyester powder coatings, plastics, and rubber adhesives.

The series of curing agents provided by our company is widely used in powder coatings, inks, integrated circuits, photosensitive materials, insulating materials, plastics, rubber, adhesives, and other products with high purity, anti-allergy design, and low chlorine content. Our TGIC has the following characteristics:

* high density, excellent heat resistance, and thermosetting property
* The very small absorption of ultraviolet and visible light determines its excellent visibility
* enough dispersion, fine powder state, and suspension stability provide good conditions for potential reaction ability
* low gas content, not easy to deteriorate, and electrolytic corrosion

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china Niutang TGIC-S TGIC-S china Niutang TGIC-S TGIC-S

vendor: Jiangsu Heru chemical company