Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

About Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve:
三偏心蝶??br /> Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Series

◎公称??:DN50-1600mm (2"-60")
Nominal Diameter: DN50-1600mm (2"-60")
◎公称压?:PN1-PN100 (150LB-600LB)
Nominal Pressure: PN6-PN100 (150LB-600LB)
◎材质范?:碳钢,不锈?合金?br /> Materials Scope: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel
Operation Methods: Handle, Worm Wheel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Applicable Mediums: Water, Oil, Gas and Weak Corrosive Mediums like Acid, Alkali and Salt
High Performance triple Eccentric Sealing System
Excellent Isolation Function for Gas and Liquid and Flow Regulating Feature
◎阀座??无摩?无磨?无卡?br /> No Friction, No Wearing and No Jam in Valve Seat When Open-Close Operation
Sealing Ring Easy for Replacing and Regulating
◎?用于高温高压和有腐蚀性等苛刻的工况环?br /> Applicable to Bad Working Conditions like High Temperature, High Pressure and Corrosive
Lower Operation Torque and Reliable Torque Turn-off

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