Welded Plate Bloc Heat Exchanger

Model: WTKJ001

About Welded Plate Bloc Heat Exchanger:
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Welded plate heat exchanger description

As its name implies, the difference between gasket plate heat exchanger and welded plate heat exchanger is that each piece of plate of the later one is connected to another by welding to form a plate bundle. The plate bundle is then connected to the columns by argon arc welding.
So there are two steps of welding during the assembly of welded plate heat exchanger. The first one is laser welding between plates, the other one is argon arc welding between plate bundle and columns.

These two steps of welding completely eliminates the possibility of leakage and forms a compact structure for the whole equipment. Compared with gasket type, the fully welded type can withstand much higher temperature and pressure.
Other advantages of fully welded plate heat exchanger

· Superior heat transfer and minimum fouling, giving remarkable thermal efficiency and saving energy.

· Easy flow for mediums through wide and short flow channel.

· Crossing temperatures in a single unit maximizes energy recovery and reduces power bills, and boosts your process performance.

· Laser-welded plates provide ultimate reliability.

· Fully 100% mechanically cleanable with no crevices that can cause corrosion issues.

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