Model: MEA/DEA

About Ethanolamine:

Jiangsu Sailboat(Sierbang) Petrochemical Co,. Ltd.A fully owned subsidiaries for SHENGHONG group, It covers an area of 350 hectares, and its total investment is up to 23 billion RMB. It is MTO technology production project, it uses methanol as feedstock to produce ethylene, propylene and then to produce downstream derivatives.

the loading and unloading operations include methanol, acetone, glacial acetic acid, p-xylene, methyl
methacrylate, acrylonitrile, toluene, sulfuric acid, low temperature liquid ammonia, low temperature ethylene, low
temperature propane and butane, over 80 kinds of products.

We manufacturing Ethanol amine. Our existing capacity is 100,000 ton/year, and we will add another capacity this year.

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vendor: Shenghong group Jiangsu sailboat Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.