Lithium Battery Flexible Die Cutting Machine

Model: J350D

About Lithium Battery Flexible Die Cutting Machine:
●Advanced design concepts to ensure product safety and reliability;
●Using lightweight carbon fiber rollers, reducing the weight of the rollers from 2.8kg to 0.5kg, providing effective technical support for high-speed die cutting;
●The die-cutting method with its own intellectual property rights ensures the high efficiency of die-cutting and the dimensional accuracy of the pole piece;
●The mold has a quick change function;
●High-precision molds to ensure die-cutting times and die-cutting quality;
●Mold self-cooling function and air cushion function, effectively improve the service life of the mold;
●Pole piece traction is directly driven by DD motor to reduce the transmission error of the intermediate link, and the dimensional accuracy can be controlled within ±0.2mm;
●Non-contact dust removal, reducing the secondary pollution of dust, and effectively avoiding the damage to the pole piece by brushing powder;
●Add independent dust collectors (connecting belt, die-cutting place) where dust is easy to be generated to greatly reduce the occurrence of dust pollution;
●Has a code scanning function, which binds the scan code information with the pole group information (positive and negative plates, pole piece status information, etc.), personnel information, environmental information, equipment information, etc., and ensures that the QR code and the corresponding pole group information The consistency is transmitted to MES.

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