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Can air conditioning be used in winter? Is air conditioning used cold in winter? For the air conditioning can be used in winter, most friends are very skeptical. Because its other name is the summer cool quilt, many people think that air conditioning can only be used in summer.

The air conditioning quilt looks very thick, but actually it is relatively thin, so the thermal insulation of the air conditioning quilt is not particularly good, and it is still a little cold in winter. Jincheng Tianxiu bedding is not recommended for winter use. Although air conditioning can be used in any season, if only one air conditioning quilt is covered in winter, compared with pure cotton quilt, it will certainly be very cold.

Although the air conditioning quilt has good insulation performance, it can be used all year round. However, when the temperature is very low in winter, it is difficult to resist the invasion of cold air by covering only one layer of air conditioner, because the insulation performance of air conditioner is not particularly good in winter.

What kind of air conditioning is suitable for winter?

Down material air conditioning quilt material from duck and goose abdomen down. These hairs can gather heat from the body and resist cold air. Down air conditioning quilts are densely filled and fluffy, which can store heat well and feel comfortable and warm when used.

How to choose air conditioning quilt?

The filling material of air conditioner plays a decisive role in the quality of air conditioning quilt. Note that the materials are fiber, cotton and silk. There are many air conditioning quilts on the market, but most of them are hollow fiber cotton. This kind of air conditioner is well sold because of its moderate price. The price of silk air conditioning quilt is more expensive, more than two or three hundred.


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