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About Undersun Biomedtech Corp:
MCT Powder Introduction:
Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) which is processed from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, is a mixture of saturated triglycerides. The main components are caprylic acid (C8H16O2) and decylic acid (C10H20O2). The ratio of the content to the total fatty acid is not less than 95%. After being hydrolyzed by lipase, MCT can be directly decomposed by the liver and quickly supply energy to the body.Undersun`s MCT powder is after embedding and spray-dried, the agglomeration granulation is combined with the secondary embedding technology, then the oil content is higher, the surface oil is lower, and the product is more stable.E-mail : herbext@undersun.com.cn

MCT Powder Characteristics:
1. MCT Powder Excellent smell

2. MCT Powder Good liquidity and dispersion

3. MCT Powder Uniform particle size distribution

4. MCT Powder Good stability

5. MCT Powder High fat content


MCT Powder Function:
1. Replenish energy and speed up your body.

2. The chain fat does not accumulate in the health food, maintain healthy weight and increase metabolism.

3. Sports drinks speed up metabolism and provide more energy.

4. Infant and child products promote growth and development.

5. Pet feed supplements energy and improves survival rate.

MCT Powder Competitive Advantage:
*MCT Powder 100% natural raw material, with strict quality control, valuable product.Professional factory with 15 years rich experiences on R&D of plant extract products.Quality Standard:Conform to QB

standards.Specification:50%. 70%.Active ingredients:MCT,Test method: Characters :Appearance: white to light yellow powder,Solubility: soluble in water.

Production Process Flow Chart:
Coconut oil/ Palm Kernel Oil→Emulsifi...

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