Full-automatic Glass Wiperwiper

Model: JH-3030

About Full-automatic Glass Wiperwiper:
Equipment features: This equipment adopts manual feeding, automatic conveying, automatic cleaning, simulated manual wiping and automatic peritoneal cleaning and wiping processes. It is an automatic process specially designed for cleaning and wiping optical glass lenses, optical diaphragms, solar photovoltaic modules, ceramic cover plates and other products. This process can wipe off oil stains, fingerprints, white spots, dust and other stains on the product surface only by consuming dust-free cloth and cleaning agent. The cleaning efficiency greatly exceeds the traditional ultrasonic water washing or manual wiping process.

Working principle: this equipment uses the winding dust-free cloth and automatically sprays cleaning agent to wipe the product surface at constant pressure, and the height of the wiping grinding head, the spraying amount of cleaning agent and the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted and controlled.

Operation mode: manual feeding is used to transport the workpiece to the wiping area, air drying area and ion fan area, and * * * automatically covers the product for protection.

Application: Optical lenses: such as glass panels, acrylic panels, toughened glass films, optical lenses, optical diaphragms, etc. Other materials: such as stainless steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, ceramic cover plate, etc.

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