Beech Wood Clothes Hangers

Model: # BCH 2502

About Beech Wood Clothes Hangers:
Wooden Coat Hanger, 43cm, Natural Wood

Tops Hanger - This 43cm adult clothes hanger is perfect for hanging shirts, blouses, and T-shirts, but is also excellent for jackets, coats and jumpers.

Space Saving - The slim profile and flat design make this cheap wooden coat hanger a great space saver. They allow you to fit more items in your wardrobe or clothes rail and so make the most of storage space.

Quality & Design - The smart, stylish and attractive design is combined with high quality, strong beech wood. So this hanger is built for a long and useful lifespan.

Swivel Hook - Includes an anti-rust chrome plated swivel hook, which rotates 360-degrees. This improves usability and convenience, allowing easy access to your clothes.

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china Beech Wood Clothes Hangers # BCH 2502 china Beech Wood Clothes Hangers # BCH 2502

vendor: Sunny Hanger Co., Ltd.