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About Absortech Australia:
contact: yolanda bacon ; absortech shipping desiccants are known worldwide for their superior desiccant products and considered the number one shipping desiccant supplier in the industry with a distribution network in over 45 countries. absortech australia specializes in effective solutions for moisture damage (container rain), not only in shipping containers but also packaging and inbox desiccants. absortech shipping desiccants are based on calcium chloride and have vigorous absorption over a large temperature range, which offers superior performance and total protection of your cargo. we have a number of products to suit all types of cargo shipments and our shipping desiccants will protect your cargo from moisture damage whether youre shipping steel, nuts and agricultural goods or packaged cargo around the corner or around the world.

Products: desiccant silica gelclay desiccant mineral desiccant mil-d-3464 desiccant calcium chloride desiccantcargo strapping cargo lashing ;

Phone: 406936575

Fax: 280070526

Address: 10 carbeen rd,westleigh,nsw,2120

Website: www.absortechaustralia.com

Email: yolanda@absortechaustralia.com


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