3m Membranes Business Unit

Industry: water quality

About 3m Membranes Business Unit:
3m brings over 30 years of membrane and module manufacturing expertise in ultrafiltration and dissolved gas control applications. 3m liqui-flux ultrafiltration modules are engineered for flexibility, durability and performance. the modules use pes capillary membrane in a pressure-driven out flow design that can be operated in dead-end or cross-flow operating modes. this can help improve operating efficiency under changing and challenging water conditions even with coagulation. module setup can really be tailored to meet customer specific needs. the inside-out flow design does not require scouring for cleaning which could help avoid fiber breaks and reduce system complexity and energy use. 3ms pes membranes are known for their well defined pore structure. ultrapes demonstrates this with its distinctive three layer structure providing a highly porous support for the separation layer giving mechanical strength through thicker polymer ligaments and a protection layer on the outside with reduced pore-size to safeguard the overall membrane structure and integrity. 3m liqui-cel membrane contactors are compact and modular devices that control dissolved gases in liquids without chemicals. they are capable of achieving < 1pbb o2 and < 1ppm co2. removing the oxygen and carbon dioxide can reduce deterioration of boilers and piping due to corrosion. chemical usage may also be reduced which can decrease the blow down frequency due to scaling from chemical deposits. carbon dioxide removal can improve efficiency and reduces chemical consumption in mixed bed or edi technologies. 3mtm micropes and durapes membranes are high performance, asymmetric membranes that are used in many microfiltration applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, microelectronics and chemical industries.

Phone: (704) 345-0083

Address: 13840 south lakes dr,charlotte, nc, 28273,usa

Website: www.3m.com

Email: jwdawson@mmm.com


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