Ozler Tarim Urunleri Uretim Pazarlama San.ve Tic. A.s.

Ozler Tarim Urunleri Uretim Pazarlama San.ve Tic. A.s.

Industry: Fresh fruit/vegetable, Dried fruits/nuts

About Ozler Tarim Urunleri Uretim Pazarlama San.ve Tic. A.s.:
ozler group delivers high quality fresh fruits to domestic and international markets.our company is completely vertically integrated; starting from nursery plant preparation to final sales to retailers all over the world. our product portfolio includes apples, cherries, figs and citrus.the main strenght of our group comes from our production company, baler. owning over 1.000+ ha, we are able to produce 100% of our apple sales and over 50% of our citrus sales.due to our nursery and leading position in our industry, we are always bringing in the newest varieties to plant both for ourselves as well as our core producers.our company plasteks which is active in injection molding produces high quality plastic boxes for food and non-food industries. our newest product is a high technology plastic bin box which is being widely used for apple and citrus harvesting.we have a fresh-cut fruit salad company named tadim, which is also supplying frozen iqf products to japan, korea, canada, etc. this company is utilizing all of the industrial quality products coming out of our exports.with all of our companies vertically inter-connected, our sap software systems and online traceability systems allow us to maintain full control of the products we deliver.the results of being able to penetrate markets such as japan, uk and usa where other turkish exporters are not highly active show the level of sophistication ozler group has achieved.

Products: fresh products;fresh fruit;frozen fruit and vegetables;technical systems;seeds, variety development, nursery trees;packaging materials/containers;bulk containers, containers for transport/storage, pallets;agent;exporter;grower/producer;manufacturer;packaging;research organisation

Phone: 90 03224545143

Address: papatya apartmani no: 11/a seyhan resatbey mahallesi 62001 sokak,01120,adana,turkey

Website: www.ozlertarim.com.tr


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