I-5 Design & Manufacture, Inc.

I-5 Design & Manufacture, Inc.

Industry: neurosurgery

About I-5 Design & Manufacture, Inc.:
over 30 years ago, i-5 design and manufacture began creating unique, high-impact retail decor and themed spaces. today, i-5 puts this multi-disciplined experience to use in providing turn-key design, manufacture and implementation solutions. based in lacey, washington, i-5 has a worked directly with over 50 tribes throughout the united states to provide design and upgrade solutions for transforming old or unimpressive areas within their properties. in addition to the work performed within the gaming market, i-5 has created successful design solutions within the retail, restaurant, grocery, and financial markets. due to i-5 s extensive work history with native american properties, we are very conscientious of each tribe s heritage and culture to ensure the respectful integration into each design theme, as desired by each tribe.

Address: lacey,wa,united states

Website: www.i5design.com


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