Beitetongxin Co.,ltd.inner Mongolia

Beitetongxin Co.,ltd.inner Mongolia

Industry: Chemical Industry

About Beitetongxin Co.,ltd.inner Mongolia:
the inner mongolia beite communication co., ltd. was established in 2001 by a returnee student and an optical communications professional, dr. bi junqing. it is a communications technology company that focuses on the development, production and operation of equipment, equipment and components required for communications and networks, as well as development, production and operation.the company specializes in high-precision grinding and processing technology from switzerland to provide the highest quality fiber optic connectors and connectors for the world today. its products are sold almost entirely in the european market, such as switzerland, sweden, germany, france and other countries; they are sold in asia. to the united arab emirates, philippines, malaysia and other countries. in the chinese market, china unicom is the main customer of the swiss company bent.

Products: other chemical products, other furniturechemical products

Address: export processing district,jinchuan development district,hohhot,inner mongola.;10010,inner mongolia china

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