Accreditation Commission For Health Care

Accreditation Commission For Health Care

Industry: medical

About Accreditation Commission For Health Care:
accreditation commission for health care (achc) is a nonprofit withover 35 years of experience promoting safe, quality patient a national leader in accreditation, achc is known for providingvalue, integrity, and the industry&closecurlyquote;s best customerservice. achc develops solutions trusted by healthcare providersnationwide and is committed to delivering exceptional, personalizedservice and a positive, collaborative accreditation experiencetailored to individual needs. achc has cms deeming authority formultiple programs and offers a full range of accreditation andcertification options across the continuum of care, givingorganizations a superior, comprehensive solution for accreditationneeds.; contact: aleisha soto

Address: 139 weston oaks ct.cary, nc 27513



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