Industry: optics and photonics

About Accumold:
accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro molded plastic components with part geometries from 5cm to less than 1mm in size. processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. materials include: peek, ultem, lcp, and most engineered thermoplastics. markets include: micro electronics, medical, micro optics, sensors and other emerging technologies. molded parts range in size from 7cm to parts the size of a grain of sand with tolerances often in microns. accumold customers require an uncompromising attention to detail, extremely high quality, and speed-to-market services. state-of-the-art facilities include a team of 30+ toolmakers. this group operates 24/7 to meet the high demand for their innovative services. the production team serves around-the-clock to ensure that parts are produced on-time and to spec. the production area is equipped to meet all of the market demands from our 10k clean rooms to our automation and sub-assembly processes. ;spie photonics west 2021;

Address: accumold,ankeny,ia,united states,50021-9412



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