Walter Moosburger Kg Rosshaar-manufactur

Walter Moosburger Kg Rosshaar-manufactur

Industry: home textiles

About Walter Moosburger Kg Rosshaar-manufactur:
contact: claudia moosburger,for more than 100 years the art of upholstery has been passed on in our family from father to son. this is indeed how i learned my craft as an upholsterer. over 5 generations we have worked with a variety of upholstery materials. but my best experiences i made with horsehair as it has the ideal features of an upholstery material and best climate conditions. since then we specialize in working with this high quality upholstery material called horsehair. now we accumulate, clean and purify that material ourselves. in our family run business in horbranz, at the lake of constance we work in our owm horsehair laundry and -spinning mill. we make the best horsehair quality produced by traditional techniques. to manufacture a pure horsetail mattress is the crowning achievment for a upholsterer and requires a large amount of experience, working with care and a lot of practice. sleeping on our mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows will give you a sense of healthy wellbeing, all in harmony with nature. with our products we would like to serve those people who attach the greatest importance to sleep and are seeking for the highest quality. one of our speciality is to produce the horsehair mattress in 3 parts and with approved biocen cube pillow system. our mattress base is a horsehair-padded slatted frame consisting of three sections for easy handling and a long life. for persons who wants to lay a little bit softer we can offer 3 versions of mattress topper. add our moosburger horsetail hair neck pillow and you are all set up for peaceful sleep as moosburger neck pillows provide much needed relief for hardened necks, shoulder pain and arms falling asleep. product information: natural sleeping on moosburger-horsehairproducts moosburger horsetailhair mattresses, mattress pads and pillows have proven their qualities thousands of times since the 1980s. horsehair has an excellent air permeability results in a comfortable, dry sleeping climate that is

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Address: ziegelbachstr. 54,horbranz,6912,austria




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