Olfactory & Essences Global Fzc

Olfactory & Essences Global Fzc

Industry: food

About Olfactory & Essences Global Fzc:
since the year 1946, we at cec flavours and fragrances made it our habit to exalt the senses of bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, snack and savory consumers. cec has a complete line of health and wellness products as well.nncecs history has been a success story over the last 70 years with diverse, ethnic and rich heritage, scale and seamless ontime delivery of winning products.nncecs exhaustive list of performing flavours, achieved through scientific and technical solutions and differentiate customers products in todays highly competitive environment.nncecs success continues to be built on innovation, building partnerships and sustain to grow our presence and position with unique flavours for all segments of food.

Address: no.2/33,alamelumangapuram road, ponpadi rs & post,tiruttani tk,tiruvallur dist,tiruttani,india,631213,india

Website: www.cecfeel.in


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