A&b Packing Equipment, Inc.

Industry: Agriculture equipment and related

About A&b Packing Equipment, Inc.:
producers of the fastest, most gentle & accurate fresh pack equipment on eartha&b packing equipment is a family owned u.s. company with a multi-agricultural background. we design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment for the 21st century that enables growers to meet the challenges of cleaning, grading, weighing, and packaging fresh produce in the most innovative, gentle, accurate, and speed-efficient ways possible.we offer a variety of equipment for the fruit & vegetable industry such as weigh and fill, volumetric fillers, bulk box fillers, fresh fruit harvesters and automatic bagger options to fit all sizes of operations and every budget. we also offer a full line of cleaning and grading equipment that has been designed for the gentlest handling of your product. we make a full line of feed systems, blower cleaners, inspection conveyors, de-stemmers, sizers, brush washers & drying systems. all of our cleaning and grading equipment is offered in various lengths and widths to serve each customers needs.

Products: harvesting machinery; equipment,packing house equipment; parts; accessories

Phone: 269-539-4700

Fax: 269-539-4705

Address: po box 187, 732 west saint joseph st., lawrence, mi 49064, united states of america

Website: www.abpacking.com


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