3m Abrasive Systems Division

Industry: Manufacturing Technology

About 3m Abrasive Systems Division:
robotics3m has 30+ years experience with grinding and finishing automation; a broad range of abrasives products suited for robotic use, and industry experts for your abrasives and system questions. precision grinding3m offers abrasives to take your precision grinding, finishing and microfinishing operations to the next level

Products: automated system & cells for material removal;abrasive compounds and slurries;buffing and polishing supplies;cut-off toolsattachments;deburring tools;diamond tooling, coating, abrasive, single-point;grinding wheels and abrasive belts;laser cutting systems;lasers, nd yag, pulsed;metal disintegr

Phone: 866-279-1235

Fax: 651-737-7635

Address: 3m center, building 223-6s-03, saint paul, mn 55144, united states of america,

Website: www.3m.com


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