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our name says it all deliverhealth simplifies electronic healthrecord (ehr), patient engagement and mid-revenue cyclecomplexities, making sure your existing technology, processes,providers and patients are aligned and engaged for better outcomesand greater success. the deliverhealth platform appliespurpose-built artificial intelligence to clear the way for thehealthcare connections that matter most, removing complexities fromwithin health systems and helping to solve systemic issues likephysician burnout, the connected patient journey, and thetransition to digital health. by building simplicity intodocumentation, codification and the digital health patientexperience, we help our customers see the realization of their ehrinvestments and improve upon their security and risk management.with clients and operations in five countries, hundreds ofsuccessful ehr go-live deployments, and three decades of healthinformation management expertise, deliverhealth helps todaysproviders prepare now for the future of healthcare., or find us on linkedin, twitter andfacebook.

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