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UK Fred Mandy Ltd.

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About UK Fred Mandy Ltd.:
Fred Mandy Piano was born in 1836 in the British royal family, was named by Queen Victoria after a brave general, and has been making piano for the British royal family since then. After more than 100 years of development and research, Fred Mandy Piano has become a well-known brand in Europe.

The first Fred Mandy piano was given to Princess Victoria by a handsome general as a birthday present in 1836.Princess Victoria loved it very much. In 1837, Victoria ascended the throne and became Queen of England, but the handsome general died in battle. In memory of the general, Victoria named the piano by his name, Fred Mandy. Hence, the Royal Fred Mandy Piano Brand was established, which specializes in making pianos for the royal family. Nearly a hundred years after service for royal family, the Fred Mandy Piano Factory was severely damaged by the German air raid in the outbreak of World War II in 1940, and rebuilt in 1947, underwent the reforms of Prime Minister Thatcher in the 1970s, and reorganized twice in 2006 and 2018, eventually renamed UK Fred Mandy Ltd.

Thanks to unremitting scientific research spirit and superb technology, it has won many world first prizes.

-Fred Mandy firstly determine the best shape of piano steel plateby physical audio vibration calculation, which shocked Europe and has been imitated by other piano manufacturers so far.
-Fred Mandy firstly insert the steel plate into the sound board in the form of cast rivets, so that the piano remains stable in the extreme temperature and humidity environment.
-Fred Mandy firstly application of homophonic pillars to piano makes the tenor more clear, crisp and euphonic, which is the embryonic form of modern string pillow.
-Fred Mandy firstly add metal vanadium into the steel of the strings to make the strings more strong and tough.
-Fred Mandy firstly increase the string tension to 199 pounds, so that the notes can b...

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