Chongqing Chunyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Industry: Foreign trade payment

About Chongqing Chunyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.:
MoneyBoxs was founded by Chongqing Chunyi E-commerce Co., Ltd. in December 2014. It focuses on providing collection and settlement financial services for cross-border export e-commerce groups. Currently, it has provided settlement services for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce customers.

The company holds a US MSB license, follows the direction of national policies, and realizes seamless connection with banks in order to lower the threshold of cross-border e-commerce settlement, improve settlement efficiency, and strive to "provide customers with a more convenient collection service experience for small and medium-sized enterprises. Micro-enterprise provides the safest and most compliant cross-border settlement service".

Team members have worked in cross-border settlement companies such as PayPal, Chongqing Easy Payment, and Easy Settlement. They have many years of cross-border e-commerce settlement service experience, are familiar with various cross-border settlement rules, and possess professional cross-border settlement service capabilities and levels.

In 2019, MoneyBoxs signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known companies in cross-border industries such as, Tongtu, and Haiying Data, to jointly provide better services to cross-border e-commerce customer groups.

Products: Receipt and settlement

Phone: 15826149227

Address: 9l-2, Block C, General Times, Jiangbei District, Chongqing



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