Taizhou Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

Industry: Benzoic acid series

About Taizhou Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd.:
Taizhou Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd.was established in May 2015. The company is located at No. 88, South Third Ring Road, Jichuan Street, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. The company integrates production and operation. The company mainly produces methyl benzoic acid, nitrobenzoic acid, and hydroxyl. Benzoic acid, methyl benzoyl chloride and derivative products methyl benzamide, and exchanges and cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions and well-known enterprises. The company has its own research and development center, has many cooperative production bases in Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Henan and other places, has advanced production and testing equipment, and has certain product analysis and testing capabilities. In addition, the company has multiple sales platforms for technical medicines, preparations and chemical intermediates.

We pursue the company development philosophy of "quality first, integrity-based, and service-oriented", based on the sales of Datian pesticides and sanitary original-drugs, and the development platform for formulation processing and application. We have successively combined insecticide, sterilization and weeding Manufacturers of original drug products have established a good cooperative relationship to provide relevant technical services and information consultation for the application of original drugs by downstream drug manufacturers; while the company is based in the domestic market, it also faces overseas markets.
Establish its own channels and networks in the export of technical medicines and preparations processing and export. Together with manufacturers with common sense, we can complement each other's advantages and form a stable strategic cooperative alliance.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit us and negotiate business with us.

Address: Taixing Changshun Chuanggu Intelligent Health Industrial Park

Website: www.hxchemical.com

Email: fn@hxchemical.cn

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