Hebei Anchuang Rubber&Plastic Products Co.ltd

Industry: rubber products

About Hebei Anchuang Rubber&Plastic Products Co.ltd:
Our company mainly produces rubber and plastic products, including rubber slheet (insulation, natural , high elastic, flame retardant, laminated cloth and other materials of environmental protection rubber slab), anti-static rubber mat, rubber block,artificial lawn, etc. We can accept customize products for your samples and pictures.
The products of our company have been sold to many provinces and autonomous regions since its establishment. Our company has qualified production equipment,high product quality and high production efficiency.Our company strictly controls the quality, continues to explore and research new products, so that the enterprise products are widely praised.

Products: rubber sheet,anti-static rubber mat,rubber block etc.

Phone: 15631732251

Address: 200 meters east of the intersection of Taishan Road and Beihuan East Road, Renqiu City, Hebei Province

Email: helenajmn@163.com

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