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TAIZHOU TAICHENG ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd. is a Professional manufacturing various types of small and medium-sized motor enterprises. Company is located in the Coastal industry zone, pubagang town sanmen county taizhou in Zhejiang Province Which between Wenzhou and Ningbo. South in Yandangshan which is a famous national scenic areas, according to Buddhist holy sites North rooftop GuoqingSi, 104 State Line Road and coastal artery (the section of Ningbo-Wenzhou) Freeway to wear Habitat and that which is 50minutes from company to huangyan airport of the way by drive., close to the urban area of Haimen is just 40 kilometers the geographical position is superior, and the traffic condition is convenient. The factory produced ′Taicheng", "Zilong", "Twxmz"Brand of Y2, YE2, YE3, MS, YB3explosion-proof series three-phase asynchronous machines, YCT speed electromagnetic motor, YVP Frequency Control Motor, YEJ electromagnetic brake motors, YD multi-Speed motors, YC, YL. JY, MY, ML, MC series single phase electric motor and so on, fan motor include YSF series three phase and vY series single phase exhaust fan motor, YBF3 series explosion-proof FRP fan and exhaust fan motor, YDK series single phase and three phase air cooler motor, Ys series FRP fan motor and air conditioner motor, fan PM variable frequency motor and HvLS industrial fan PMSM motor. The factory has strong technological development capability, advanced CAD-aided design, for the development of new products provide a highly effective and efficient development of quality and reliable products, and customers can request the production of various kinds of non-standard and special motor. Products sold throughout the country and exports in Southeast Asia and other countries. We are provincial high-tech and national-tech enterprise which have been guided by "the quality of the vitality of the enterprise to customer requirements as the goal" of the operating princ...

Phone: 13606687721

Address: No.30 Baole Road,coastal industrial zoon,pubagang Town,Sanmen county,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province

Website: www.taicheng-motor.com

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