FuJiRobin (Changzhou) Machinery I/E Co.,Ltd.


About FuJiRobin (Changzhou) Machinery I/E Co.,Ltd.:
FujiRobin (Changzhou) Machinery I/E Co.,Ltd. was established in 2014, specializing in the production of gasoline engines.Our products are manufactured according to Japanese technical standards,sales and quality are of strong competitive.The products are exported to America, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, United Arab Emirates and other countries.
The product general-purpose 4-stroke gasoline engine sold by our company applies to domestic machinery,water pump sets,generator,small machine tools,road surface maintenance machinery,plant protection machinery and gardening machinery,etc.With the characteristics of low gravity and light and compact,to improve the matching ability and reduce vibration,excellent rust-proof and anti-corrosion,simple structure,easy operation.

Products: robin gasoline engine;robin gasolinewater pump;robin gasoline generator

products of FuJiRobin (Changzhou) Machinery I/E Co.,Ltd.

Phone: +86 159 6113 7677

Address: Room A11,No.12 Changjiang (N) Road,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China.

Email: juno@fujirobin.com.cn

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