Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co.,LTd

Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co.,LTd

Industry: machinery

About Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co.,LTd:
Yaofeng Power specialized in the production of gasoline generators since July 2000, now Yaofeng Power is one of top three major player in the gasoline generator sector in China, The creativity and expertise of its designers and highly automated production lines have permitted to develop competitive and winning products.

Yaofeng Generators had been certified and approved by CE, EPA, CARB, Canada CSA standard, European EII emission standard, GS standard, and ISO 9001:2000.

Yaofeng Power is the major gasoline genetor supplier in USA and Canada market. in 2017, we sold out about 400,000 sets in USA and Canada, 80% of output we producing are being exported to USA and Canda market, our products available in Homedepot, Canadian Tire Corporation, Costco, Northern Tool Equipment and other chain stores by Champion brand exclusively, about 20% are being sold to Europe and Asia by OEM brand. customizations and exclusive design is welcomed.

All products are designed and manufactured in our factories, with cutting-edge technologies and high quality materials. The reliability of Yaofeng generators results in excellent performance, easy maintainence.

Products: engine and generator R&D, production and sale of one. Supply 0.65kw-10kw gasoline generator , 2-6inch water pump, 1700-4000PSI pressure washer, 1020KW home power station etc.

products of Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co.,LTd

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Address: 81# Daming Road, Chengnan, Shaoxing,Zhejiang, China 312000

Email: fangjt@yfpower.com.cn

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