Shanghai Zhaomu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zhaomu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry: Products are mainly used in the automation industry, precise positioning, etc.

About Shanghai Zhaomu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.:
Shanghai Zhaomu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is based on domestic, internationally, and is committed to product development in the field of industrial automation. It is an entity enterprise integrating R&D and production. Our factory has accumulated more than 40 years of advanced mechanical and electronic technology. A technology-based enterprise that continuously implements technology in application. The factory has world-class processing equipment and self-developed assembly machines.
Our patented technology products-miniature magnetic sensors, ball cage universal couplings, etc. continue to penetrate into all aspects of industrial automation, in robots, CNC machine tools, automatic warehouses, medical machinery, automatic packaging, automated assembly lines, digital electronics, home appliances, etc. We are everywhere in the manufacturing field and are being pushed to a wider range of uses.
Our magnetic proximity sensors and non-contact high-reliability sensors have obtained international patents, and provide you with high-value-added products with excellent quality; we are focusing on high-precision, long-life, environmental resistance, and device miniaturization. To provide more and more users with satisfactory services.
We are working with your excellence today to create a beautiful career, let our focus achieve your beauty!

Products: Magnetic sensor.

products of Shanghai Zhaomu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

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