Shengfang Special Fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shengfang Special Fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


About Shengfang Special Fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd:
Founded in 2008, Jinhaosheng Textile is a comprehensive enterprise integrating yarn research and development, spinning production, spinning dyeing and finishing, domestic and foreign trade.

Among them, Xiamen Jinhaosheng Textile Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 6.88 million, mainly produces polyester, nylon, TPU polyurethane, multifilament, monofilament hot fused filament.

It has Fujian Jinhaosheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 16.88 million, mainly producing special yarns, fancy yarns and functional differentiated yarns.

The bleaching and dyeing factory is mainly based on medium and high elastic yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, and special fancy yarn.

In 2018, Shengfang Special Fiber Co., Ltd. relied on the accumulation of Jinhaosheng textile technology and production capacity, established a foreign marketing department in Shanghai, professionally served overseas customers to sell various yarn products, and created value for customers.

Since its establishment, it has always led the company to rapid development with the enterprise spirit of "integrity based on" and "innovation and far-reaching", and served domestic and foreign clothing and footwear brands with the concept of excellent quality, service and reputation. Specializing in the development of popular color guidelines and new yarns to create value for customers.

Production Type:

(1) Hot fuse: polyester hot fuse (110 °C), nylon (nylon) hot fuse (85 °C), monofilament hot fuse, TPU hot fuse, new hot fuse, etc.

(2) High elastic yarn: imitation nylon (polyester) high elastic yarn, nylon (nylon) high elastic yarn, of which imitation nylon high elastic yarn has two types of colored spinning and dyeing, imitation nylon medium elastic yarn, nylon high elastic yarn is mainly dyeing.

(3) Cotton yarn, cotton yarn,...

Products: Hot fuseSpecialty yarnsReflective yarnGlow-in-the-dark yarn

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