Yichang Xinlong Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.

Yichang Xinlong Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.

Industry: Nonwoven

About Yichang Xinlong Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.:
Yichang Xinlong Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinlong Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, which is known as the "Pearl of the Three Gorges" and "Famous Hydropower City". The factory is built close to the Yangtze River with beautiful scenery.
The company mainly produces various high-end spunlace non-woven fabrics such as 100% cotton, organic cotton, natural colored cotton spunlace cloth, hemp, high white and odorless full viscose, white, natural color bamboo fiber spunlace cloth, and various types of tissues. , Roll towel OEM, it can also be used as electret melt blown cloth and hydrophilic oil-absorbing wipe melt blown cloth for polymer direct forming process.
Product introduction of cotton spunlace non-woven fabric
Select the finest natural cotton fiber processed by the most advanced degreasing and bleaching process in the world.
A new type of medical sanitary material produced by the spunlace process. The natural most healthy, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-
Containing fluorescent agent, the product not only completely maintains the natural cotton skin-friendly and non-allergic, but also has good absorption and thermal stability.All the excellent properties of high humidity and heat processing and disinfection, renewable resources, and degradable after use, and also have the hand soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, can be used for both dry and wet, the cloth surface is smooth and does not drop lint, strong and durable, the product is clean and hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly.
The company`s corporate qualifications and related inspection reports are complete, and you can contact at any time if you have any required!
Xinlongbian Manager-15902236650 (same number on WeChat).

Products: 100 cotton, organic cotton, natural colored cotton, hemp, whitenatural bamboo fiber, high white and odorless full viscose spunlace non-woven fabric; electrethydrophilic wipe meltblown non-woven fabric; all kinds of wipes Roll towel OEM.

products of Yichang Xinlong Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: Taibao Lake Xinlong Industrial Park, Lucheng, Yidu City, Hubei Province

Email: 1690073636@qq.com

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