Jiangsu Rundinghui Enviromental Protection Company

Jiangsu Rundinghui Enviromental Protection Company

Industry: enviromental protection

About Jiangsu Rundinghui Enviromental Protection Company:
Our company is located in heqiao town, yixing city, jiangsu province, the hometown ofenvironmental protection.The company mainly produces fluidized bed packing, is thelocal capacity is the largest, most complete model of the fluidized bed packing factory, inrecent years, our continuous innovation, expanding production capacity, with extrusionline 13, horizontal injection molding machine 6 units, vertical injection molding machine10 sets, biological rope packing production line 10, fiber ball production line 3, 2 inclinedtube production lines, production and processing all kinds of extrusion, injection moldingproducts, such as the mist eliminator, hollow ball, pall ring, packing, biological fluidizedbed line packing, packing, hexagonal honeycomb packing, porous suspended ball,

Products: Environmental protection packing

Phone: +8613912463011

Address: 57 Chunjiang Road, Heqiao Town, Yixing, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Website: www.rdhmbbrmedia.com

Email: MBBRMEDIA@126.com

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