Zhoushan Shark Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zhoushan Shark Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd

Industry: Bottle Packing Line

About Zhoushan Shark Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd:
The forerunner of Zhoushan Shark Pharmaceutical Machinery is a self-employed and private business founded in 1991, manufacturing and selling food distributing machinery, multifunctional capping machine and manual. After much stock enlargement and system reform, we started to research, develop and manufacture bottle packing assembling line mainly for pharmacy enterprise and healthy food manufacturer. 

By the end of 2010, the company has attracted the elite in this field, including manufacturing, debugging, packing, and researching. All the stuff has tried the best to prepare the company to be the top brand. Most of the employees have been working in this field for more than ten years. 

We are only specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing bottle packing line, including automatic bottle unscrambler, automatic tablet counting machine (including domestic agent for Taiwan Electronic counting tablet machine), automatic paper inserting machine, desiccant inserting machine, cap screwing machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, hot film shrink wrapping machine and aluminum foil inserting machine(automatic equipment to insert aluminum foil). It is mainly used for bottling packing of table, soft or hard capsule and also used for solid grain (such as chewing gum). 

Shark bottle packing line will strive hard to be the model enterprise researching and manufacturing bottle packing line in China and more importantly, to be the leading brand of bottle packing assembling line both at home and abroad. 

After - sale service and after - sale assurance mechanism is the characteristic of our company and the key to its development and growth. It is also our greatest responsibility and the most innovative objective. Pharmaceutical machinery especially the bottle packing line is guaranteed by powerful after - sale service. It is inevitable and necessary...

Products: Bottle Unscrambler,Desiccant Inserting Machine,Counting Machine,Screw Capping Machine,Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine,Labeling Machine

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