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About Suzhou Neoteric Elevator Technology Co.,Ltd :
Neoteric Elevator (PASO Elevator Asia-Pacific) originated from the history town of Granada, which is situated in sea port of Seville, the core city of Spain.
In accordance with the European modern style, till now have hundreds year.
Since 1970, PASO Elevator cooperation with Max.A Elins professor, the member who in charge of the engineering physics laboratory in Munich University,and forced on the technical development of Elevator and Sectional Driving.
From 2015, PASO Elevator and Neoteric cooperation in China, and build Asia-Pacific Factory, which located in the Yangtze River delta.
The Asia-Pacific Technical Development Dept. founded in Suzhou,and shared innovation with Germany laboratory. By this condition, Neoteric Elevator (PASO Elevator Asia-Pacific) With respect and understanding of technology concept, gradually becoming into a leader of customize elevator industry.

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